Warehouse 13: The Board Game

Created by Infinite Dreams Gaming

Warehouse 13: The Board Game is an officially licensed, semi-cooperative board game based on the hit Syfy show. The base game plays 3 to 5 players in approximately 130 minutes. It also includes a fully cooperative variant for 2 to 5 players. In Warehouse 13: The Board Game, players take on the roles of the iconic Warehouse Agents, one of whom is working as a Traitor for the game's Adversary, James MacPherson. Warehouse Agents must use Trait cards to investigate clues, then use those clues to retrieve artifacts. The Agents win if they retrieve three artifacts. However, MacPherson will grow stronger with every artifact lost. If MacPherson and the Traitor capture three artifacts, the Finale begins, in which the Agents have one last chance to thwart MacPherson's grand scheme.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Eddie McClintock on Caffeine.tv
13 days ago – Fri, Feb 08, 2019 at 01:45:00 AM

Hey loyal Agents,

As you know, we are in a holding pattern, waiting for the dice supplier to reopen in a couple weeks. In the meantime, we've just learned that Eddie McClintock will be interviewed tomorrow at 1pm PST on the BoardgameCorner channel on Caffeine.tv. Not only are we certain that Warehouse 13: The Board Game will come up as one of many topics in their conversation, but our own Shawn Smith will be present in the chat to field any game specific questions that may arise. Eddie has been an instrumental supporter of our project for years, and we hope you can listen in to his interview with Mark tomorrow.


Happy Chinese New Year
16 days ago – Mon, Feb 04, 2019 at 09:38:22 PM

Hey loyal Agents,

The most recent round of dice samples is closer on several colors, but still not quite right. The 1 is still mirrored on the Warehouse die. Plus, our factory's dice supplier shuts down for 3 weeks due to CNY. We won't hear anything new from them until at least 2/17.

Not having the game out yet is frustrating on many levels. To name a few... It's eating away at our licensing time with NBC/Universal. It's keeping us from selling copies at conventions and directly to customers. There are tax implications. The delay has tied up our finances, prohibiting us from moving on to other projects. The cost of shipping has not gone down during the delay. And finally, it's professionally embarrassing and just plain rude to you Backers who've patiently waited so long already.

We understand and share your frustration. We will continue to push for speed and quality. We will let you know as soon as we know something new.

Dice and Rockets.
about 1 month ago – Wed, Jan 09, 2019 at 10:40:49 PM

Hey Loyal Agents,

Word out of the factory is that the next round of dice samples will ship out Jan 19th, which will put them in our hands a few days later. They remain silent regarding our production timeline until the samples are approved.

Over the weekend of Jan 25th, we will be attending Rocket City Gamefest in Huntsville, AL (https://www.rocketcitygamefest.com). We will bring the newest version of the game we have at the time we leave, which will in all likelihood be the copy mentioned above. Hope you can join us for a chat, a demo, or a full playthrough. Just look for someone wearing a Warehouse13: The Board Game t-shirt.

If you want to brush up on the rules ahead of time, here's our 11-minute video manual, so you can be like Pete and skip reading it (http://tiny.cc/w13rules). 

We'll let you know more as soon as we know more.

The Greatest Gift
about 2 months ago – Mon, Dec 24, 2018 at 02:04:50 AM

Greetings Loyal Agents! 

"The Greatest Gift" is one of our all time favorite episodes. Pete, erased from everyone's memory, has to rebuild the Warehouse family in a pressure cooker situation that sort of distills the entire TV show into a single episode. This year, as an early gift, Santa brought us the newest pre-production copy of the game. Have a close look, because these samples more or less distill our entire production process into a single photo!

You are looking at final production versions of the Warehouse dice covers, which look great and function perfectly with the dice made from the final production molds. The worst of the dice problems have been resolved! Unfortunately, new problems have been introduced with those odd colors and that mirrored 1. 

We pinged the factory immediately on December 14th asking what kind of delay this represents, but have not heard back from them with any substantive information. We continue to go back and forth with them, but they are unwilling to give a firm schedule.

When we know more, you will hear from us ASAP. Thank you for your continued support and patience. We wish you and your personal team of Agents the very warmest of holiday greetings!

Die Molds Update
3 months ago – Wed, Dec 05, 2018 at 01:25:46 AM

Hey loyal Agents. In short, we've been Whammied. We typically like to do updates when we have something actually newsworthy to share. Frankly, "hey we're alive and still working on it" doesn't do much for us or for you. Unfortunately, this update is not chock full of meaningful news like we thought it would be. We are still in a holding pattern with the factory until the dice are correct. 

The factory has finished the molds (good news) a bit behind the last estimated schedule (not-so-good news). We were hoping for sample dice a couple of weeks ago during BGG.Con along with more concrete information on the production schedule. Unfortunately, we just heard from the factory that the next round of samples will not be here until the second week of December. They are unwilling to commit to a revised timeline until we have those dice in our hands. This definitely pushes us into 2019.

When we say that we understand your frustration, we mean it because we want our copy of the game too, and we want to be selling them (making money rather than spending it while facing ugly 2018 tax implications), and we don't want to be the bad guys delivering unhappy news to a bunch of awesome people. We met a lot of you at BGG.Con, and we can say that Warehouse 13 fans are top shelf. It's always gratifying to see a fan's eyes light up with they see our banner.  

It was awesome to play the pre-proction copy of the game with backers and other convention attendees. The PPC is essentially the first copy of the paper components to roll off the assembly line. We can't think of a better way to promote the product than to show that thing off at all the conventions we can reasonably attend. Along those lines, Russ will have a copy with him at Rocket City Gamefest in late January--ready to play with any backers who are also attending.  

We apologize for not updating sooner, but we've been anticipating imminent good news from the factory for some time now and wanted to hold off on the update until we had better news. Disappointing as the delay is, all we can say today is that we are continuing to push our manufacturing partners and continuing to look ahead in the process for any potential delays that can be dealt with sooner rather than later. It's not much news, and we know it's not awesome. But it's all we know right now. Thanks for your continued patience. When we know more, you will know more. 

Meanwhile, back in the Warehouse, we are continuing development on the H.G. Wells expansion. In a recent 2-player co-op variant play through of the base game, many of you will be pleased to hear that a Bering/Wells duo crushed MacPherson's plans for the Warehouse.